My New Normal

Dear Friend, This letter is something I’ve never written in detail about before, but I think after all this time, I know I need to start opening up.   In January 2018, I laid on a couch in my own rental house covered in a giant, white down comforter sobbing uncontrollably as I envisioned different … Continue reading My New Normal

Dear Fred,

Dear Fred,   Yesterday, we spent the day together to celebrate your last day of summer before 2nd grade. In two short weeks, you’ll be EIGHT years old and I just have no idea how time flew by so quickly. I was soaking in your laughter while we played laser tag and arcade games. I … Continue reading Dear Fred,

A year since it began…

Dear Friend, It’s April 7th today. You probably don’t remember, but it was exactly a year ago that I got my first surgery involving the cancer. My lymph node removal surgery. I’ll never forget being so scared in that hospital bed, but I thought it would be a simple procedure (and I guess compared to … Continue reading A year since it began…

A little experiment 

Dear Friend,  We are 10 weeks post chemo! I can’t believe how incredible that feels just typing that! It’s amazing the things that still affect me because of chemo.  The smell of windex (and most cleaning products) still makes me nauseous because it reminds me of the chemo infusion room. (Just imagine how many antibacterial/cleaning … Continue reading A little experiment 

8 weeks post chemo

Dear Friend, Today is Thanksgiving. Can you believe it?! Yeah, me either.  Six months ago, when I was confined to my bed, taking Vicodin for pain and refusing to eat because I was so afraid, I would dream of Thanksgiving. A day when I would (hopefully) be cancer free and could finally enjoy all the … Continue reading 8 weeks post chemo